Genius Loci Weimar

Make walls Talk!

Genius Loci Weimar is an unique media art festival which looks beyond the mere geometry of objects to explore the possibilities of reflecting the spirt of the place through projection art. Unlike erratic claptrap, Genius Loci Weimar approach focuses on an intensive analysis of history, habitus and the architectonical composition of the place. The international festival of audiovisual projections Genius Loci Weimar was launched in 2012 and became an immediate success.

In contrast to other festivals, Genius Loci Weimar also places particular emphasis on the history and content of the locations and the event. This means that the artists not only project effects onto the objects and façades, but also create site-specific, artistically designed content without merely retelling the story.  

Videomapping is an unique art form that redefines the possibilities of video and film art. It not only takes film out of the dark, impersonal cinemas and hermetic galleries, but also develops site- or object-specific content with meaning. Projecting onto real 3D objects, temporary building structures and façades offers space for a new approach for artists from the fields of video, light and media art as well as architects and computer scientists. In this way, new techniques can be used to bring stories into public space and narrate them visually or interactively for the audience. The elements of film, video, sound and animation remain a key component of the projection, but allow static and moving objects and façades to dissolve and transform in a novel way. This makes it possible to create a unique film experience or even an illusion.