A Spherical Projection

Driven by the spread of new recording technologies, the internet is increasingly being filled with 360° content, such as panoramic images, 360° videos and interactive 360° content. However, the spread of technologies for reproducing and displaying such 360° media is still in its early stages. For the most part, conventional 2D screens are used, but these only show a section of the 360° image. Although new approaches from the field of virtual reality overcome this problem, the hardware still restricts users‘ freedom of action and is difficult to use, especially in a collaborative context.

We are addressing this issue with the development of the 360screen. The technology allows spherical bodies to be projected with content over almost their entire surface. The innovative 360screen technology is inexpensive to produce and can be freely scaled from 40cm to 2m in diameter. The 360screen is not just a pure display; the device can be used as a standalone platform thanks to its integrated mini-computer and other hardware.

  • Team

    Anke von der Heide, Benjamin Bähr, Rico Tscharntke