Beyond the Canvas

This project is a picture gallery between two worlds. In a hybrid space, physical and virtual spaces and their visitors are intertwined. Together, visitors can play on an interactive picture wall across borders.
AI software generates real versus virtually painted images. Visitors have to make a decision and hang up the real picture in the real room and the AI-painted picture in the virtual room. After 3 minutes, the correct decisions are counted and the evaluation is communicated to the players. To visualize the connection between the spaces, a digital mirror offers a peephole, a transitory perspective, into the other world.

Festival der Zukunft
06.-08 Juli 2023
Deutsches Museum, Munich

The installation was first exhibited at the Festival of the Future 2023 at the Deutsches Museum in Munich and was sponsored by the XR Hub Bavaria. In its first iteration, it is a cooperation project between the universities BHT Berlin, HAW Hamburg and THM Gießen. As a research project, the aim is to find out how communication can be promoted across reality boundaries in order to enable people to participate equally in events and to promote inclusion and diversity in the form of cross-reality events.


In a first iteration, the composition of the hardware and software was expanded. Touch displays will be replaced with video projectors and touch interfaces in the real and physical space with gesture control. An audio interface will be added to the digital mirror to enable more direct communication between visitors.
In a complementary research project, the aim is to find out how co-awareness can be promoted beyond reality boundaries through joint communication modes and co-engagement via interactions.
This will be implemented for re:publica 2024 with a more performant database and an installative structure.

  • Team

    Anke von der Heide, Bernd Welte, Tom Milter, Thorbjörn Ruppel