Apeiron – AR Suchmaschine

Apeiron is a visual/spatial representation of an abstract theme of the „Wissensraum“ and the emergence of knowledge. Apeiron describes the boundless space of possibilities – as a basis on which knowledge can be formed. This augmented software interface was developed for Eyeplorer’s virtual search and knowledge search engine. It enables not only searching, but also saving, saving, sharing and discussing each search.

• Infinite Space

• Interrelated thoughts (represented by words) within this space

• Movement within space

• Ability to freely split/merge/re-combine words

• Broadened communication (not only with a search engine but also with other users)

• Autonomy/responsibility of the user


  • Team

    Till Wittwer, Anke von der Heide Lotte Steenbrink, Ondrej Zita