Artificial light contributes significantly to insect mortality. On some nights, 1000-1700 insects can die from individual light sources. The ALAN (Artifical Light at Night) and NATALIE (Natural Light at Night Awareness) product group raises awareness and offers alternatives – from a garden light to street furniture and information pavilions. The concept includes a live trap for the scientific study of biodiversity and a citizen science platform (app).

ALANs‘ Bug Lounge is a pavilion and provides information through workshops and lectures. It follows the spherical design language. Inside is a transparent tube in which the insects safely approach the light and are able to escape from it. This happens when off the lamp and switching on and a ventilator that blows them out. Visitors can observe the variety of insects in the tube. The insects are also projected onto the walls of the lounge as a shadow play using a system of optics.

The spherical garden lamp NATALIE provides a pleasant light source for the observer and insects with a light colour of 2200K-2400K, 15W, which radiates downwards. At the top of the lampshade is a magnifying glass to observe the activity inside and the option of installing a mobile phone as a camera. The lamp switches on and off in intervals. A draught of air releases the insects from the light.